Hafisa Ally

Group CEO

Hafisa is a highly qualified professional who has extensive experience in healthcare management, training and development and business management as group CEO of a well-positioned national health and wellness company. Having qualified as a registered nurse and registered tutor she proceeded to undertake postgraduate studies in:

  • BA Cur Degree (UNISA), majoring in Nursing Administration and Community Health Nursing Science
  • Honours Degree in Nursing Management (UNISA)
  • Diploma in Industrial Relations
  • Masters Degree in Health Care Management (University of Natal)

She also has several other certificates which contribute to the high outputs of the business enterprise.

Hafisa Ally has both national and international experience in the healthcare industry. She has lectured in various nursing colleges, technikons and universities as a visiting lecturer. She has progressed from nursing services manager to operations manager, hospital manager, national professional development support specialist and thereafter taking on a director of nursing position abroad for a large healthcare service with five primary healthcare clinics as well as public healthcare service. Her experience in Saudi Arabia saw her recruiting in South Africa, Philippines and India, where she saw the whole process through successfully with quality staff being deployed.

Her many accomplishments and achievements that are worthy of note are as follows:

  • Served as a Board Member on the Hospital Association of South Africa (HASA) board.
  • Served on the first Health and Welfare SETA (HWSETA) board representing the private healthcare sector.
  • Appointed as a National Adjudicator for the Cecilia Makiwane Awards 2003, 2004 & 2005. (National Health Excellence Awards) by the office of the Minister of Health, South Africa.
  • SABC 2 Lebone Woman of the Year (2001): Award winner for adding Value to the Community – for community health awareness and community empowerment projects
  • 2002 Tribute Woman of Substance Award

Hafisa Ally is an accomplished national and international public speaker/presenter as well as motivational speaker.

In summary Hafisa Ally is a high achiever and an outputs-driven person who espouses the philosophy of being the best and ensures success in what she does.

Mariam Ally

Programme Development Director
Mariam is an educationist who has an extensive background in programme development and management in the skills development sector and early childhood development. She has worked for various NGOs as co-coordinator of various projects which particularly support vulnerable adults and children, HIV/AIDS management and support through home-based care services. Ms Mariam Ally is Malaikas’ programme development manager, as well as provider support specialist, and responsible for the day-to-day running of the programmes facilitated and managed by the business. She is actively involved with the accreditation processes, running of the NQF-aligned programmes and maintaining important relationships with the SETAS and our stakeholders. She is a qualified assessor and moderator who adds a lot of value to Malaikas and clients.

Cassim Ally

Operations Director

Cassim has vast experience in the retail and merchandising field which saw him interacting with various strategic clients. His experiences in revenue generation, business strategy development and customer service influenced him positively in contributing to the conception of Malaikas.
He ensures that operations and logistical requirements are timeous, facilitating meeting customer expectations earlier if not on time.

Majidah Mohamed

Recruitment Manager

Majidah is qualified in the hospitality industry where she extended her scope to human resources management with a focus on best recruitment practices.
She is at the forefront of building and maintaining professional and constructive partnerships with our clients to ensure the recruitment and retention of high calibre professionals and customer satisfaction.

Shaffie Mohamed

Project Manager

Shaffie has been in the in the engineering and project management industry for the past 17 years. He brings in his vast knowledge and expertise in the project management industry. He makes sure that projects are run on time, within budget and without comprising quality by ensuring the client gets their money’s worth.

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