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Level: 4

SAQA ID: 74410  

Credits: 166 


This qualification is intended to enable lay people and/or health care workers to help individuals and/or groups to approach the HIV/AIDS pandemic and any other dread disease in an integrated way so that the condition may be managed satisfactorily. The care worker will be able to assist those suffering from or living closely with such conditions as HIV/AIDS and/or other dread disease to understand and accept the condition and take positive and necessary steps to enrich the quality of life of the sufferer and deal with the consequences of the pandemic.

Learners successfully completing this Qualification will be able to:

  • Communicate with individuals and groups to generate understanding of the HIV/AIDS or other dread disease pandemic.

  • Provide knowledge of the causes and effects of infectious diseases including all sexually transmitted diseases to enable individuals and communities to combat their occurrence.

  • Engage with individuals and groups to apply means to improve own and district health status.


    HIV/AIDS is a national priority in South Africa and the aim of this qualification is to address the many problems associated with HIV/AIDS and aligned diseases such as extreme drug-resistant tuberculosis (XDR TB) and leprocy for individuals, families, groups and communities. HIV/AIDS is found in all strata of society, but tends to be more prevalent in poorer communities. This Qualification was generated at the request of the National Department of Health to enable lay health workers, both voluntary and paid, who find themselves particularly in the front-line of under-resourced areas to offer education, mentoring and support services to those living with, or alongside those who suffer from HIV/AIDS.

    The qualification revision process for re-registration of the FETC: Community Development: HIV/AIDS Support which was originally generated at the request of the Department of Health indicated that several changes to the original content had to be made, The Department of Health (DoH) originally asked SAQA to generate four qualifications for them; two were for HIV/AIDS mentoring - one each at Levels 2 and 4 and another two in HIV/AIDS counselling - also at Levels 2 and 4. At that time, the SGBs that dealt with mentoring and counselling respectively had independently taken a decision that neither of these two areas could be offered at any level lower than that of Level 4. Since HIV/AIDS fell into Field 9, mentoring into Field 5 and counselling into Field 7, the three relevant Field Coordinators together, drew up a single qualification that met the expressed needs of the DoH. At the time, the Qualification was registered to Field 5, as the various NSBs felt that the greater number of credits came from that area of learning. However, the ETQA has always been the Health and Welfare SETA.

    Over the years, it has become clear that this Qualification leans more to the health side than to either development practice or education. Since the Qualification has reached a time when it needs to be re-registered, it was decided that, amongst other changes, the Field would also be changed, i.e., to Field 9. Other changes included the wording of the Exit Level Outcomes and their Associated Assessment Criteria; the contextualisation of the Critical Cross-Field Outcomes; changes to the SAQA ID numbers and/or titles of the various Unit Standards where US had been de-registered, replaced, given new titles, new ID numbers and/or new credit values. This has resulted in a change in the overall credit value of the Qualification from 135 to 169. 

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