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Malaikas Education and Resourcing Consultants (MERC) is a young and wholly black-owned company LEVEL 1 BBBEE company in the Consulting Sector, specialising in broad areas of Education and Training. The key to all activities is the provision of home-based care support to non-governmental organisations (NGO's). 


Malaikas offers a comprehensive approach to support organisations to achieve their strategic objectives. Through a participative and nurturing approach with our clients - Malaikas brings out the best in the employees who are the most valuable assets in every organisation.

Through the well-positioned leadership of Malaikas and our staff compliment of 8 people and an exceptionally high-caliber network of professional associates, Malaikas makes it happen, with the philosophy of delivering consistently on service excellence and exceeding customer expectations.

Malaikas, which was conceived in 2004, is the realisation of a long-held dream of Dr. Hafisa Ally, who has decades of healthcare management and leadership, business management and education/training experience.

The objective from inception has been the development of premier comprehensive healthcare and business management consultancy services, training/development, and research capacity building to enhance functionality of organisations, and skills of people to enhance employability, productivity and realisation of organisational objectives for a better life for all.

No task is too big for Malaikas.

The word "Malaika" means angel and this is the driving philosophy behind the work of the company. All outputs must be meaningful, enshrined in values of honesty and care, and be angelic in nature.

Our Mission

We are committed to the delivery of uncompromised quality Consultancy Services, Quality Education and Training Services by engaging well positioned and informed subject matter experts that makes a difference to our clients and communities.


Our Vision & Values

To be positioned as the leading Skills Development Provider of choice: known for service excellence nationally and in Africa.

Our values


- Uncompromised quality – service excellence delivery - Continuing quality improvement - Supportive, nurturing and caring to all our clients - Passion for people - Respect and valuing diversity - Honesty and integrity - To live our values

Malakais management is a dynamic and passionate  team, with years of experience and astounding skills in several sectors.


At the helm of the team is founder and director - Dr. Hafisa Ally who has a wealth of experience and has held various leadership and management positions in numerous companies before forming the consulting firm. 

Meet Our Team

Malaikas Signifies 

Our core competencies which lie in healthcare and business management consultancy, training and development, research capacity building are underpinned by our mission, vision, values and our pledge to ourselves as service providers and to all consumers of our services – which is you – our valued clients.

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We Stand For

Accreditation Status

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