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National Certificate: Ward Committee Governance

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Level: 2

SAQA ID: 57823

Credits: 120


The purpose of the qualification is to enable qualifying learners to apply the relevant competences required for proactive participation as a Ward Committee member so that they achieve municipal objectives.

The learning outcomes contained in this qualification are based on the competencies required to contribute to the effectiveness of municipal processes from a Ward Committee perspective. These competences relate to:

  • Conducting or participating in formal and informal meetings to achieve Ward Committee objectives.

  • Involvement in and giving advice on municipal projects.

  • Assisting in implementing municipal objectives and overall objectives of Local Government by displaying an understanding of core municipal functions as they relate to a Ward Committee context.

  • Facilitating relations between Local Government and citizens to effectively support the implementation of its objectives.

  • Facilitating service delivery in a Ward Committee context.

    The learners entering this qualification may come from various backgrounds and will be persons who have been nominated by their community onto a Ward Committee to represent the needs of the community, while archiving municipal objectives. It will create an opportunity for the learner to be exposed to various municipal processes and pursue a learning pathway in counselling for Local Government. The qualifying learner will be able to participate actively in overall democracy through proactive community involvement in local government processes.


    The qualification is aimed at learners working in a Ward Committee context within Local Government. The newly created sub-municipal Ward Committees play a critical role in achieving the objectives of Local Government including giving practical meaning and substance to the basic political commitment that 'the People Shall Govern'. Being a representative structure of the community and its citizens, the Ward Committees need to inform the municipality about the aspirations, potentials and problems of the people and form a bridge by facilitating proper communication between the Council and the citizens. On this basis, a need was identified to equip learners in the Ward Committee with the competencies they require to function as a Ward Committee representatives. The typical learner will be member of a Ward Committee participating in municipal processes at a local level. In addition persons seeking future employment in the Local Government sector may choose to complete the qualification.

    This qualification is the first in the learning pathway for people involved in Local Government. The pathway includes two legs: one for political representatives at various levels which ends with an FETC in Local Government, and one for administrators and financial managers which ends with a National Certificate at NQF Level 7. 

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