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Level: 3

SAQA ID: 79806

Credits: 144


This qualification enables learners to identify, evaluate, advise and report on occupational safety, hygiene and environmental factors, in occupational environments, which may have a detrimental effect on the health and safety of workers in such environments. The qualification is designed to be flexible and accessible.

Learners credited with this qualification are capable of:

  • Performing essential inspections, measurements and evaluations to ensure health and safety in occupational environments.

  • Communicating effectively using visual, mathematical and language skills in the modes of oral and written presentation.

  • Solving mathematical problems related to finances, patterns, statistics, shape and motion using numbers and number systems.

  • Describing concepts and principles in science and the natural environment.

  • Operating personal computers and computer systems.

  • Collecting, analysing, organising and critically evaluating information about occupational hygiene, safety and environmental conditions and elements using science and technology effectively and critically to measure them.

  • Identifying and solving problems to make responsible decisions regarding workplace hazards and risks.

  • Ensuring a safe and healthy workplace environment and conduct.

  • Working effectively with others as a member of a team, group, organisation or community to attain operational competence in occupational safety and hygiene.


    Learners credited with this qualification are likely to be working in the occupational safety, hygiene and environmental disciplines. Learners are required to integrate practical skills with essential knowledge, to be able to take proactive and reactive measures in order to maintain a healthy and safe environment.

    In South Africa and internationally, the social and economic impact of occupational safety, hygiene, health, and environment is great. Direct costs that result from poor workplace safety, hygiene, health, and environments include both human and economic costs. Indirect costs are also incurred and include aspects such as poor morale, poor productivity, and downtime. Improved workplace safety, hygiene, health, and environments could influence the South African economy in direct costs alone to the value of millions of Rands each year. This qualification aims to meet the demand for learners that are able to facilitate a safe, healthy and productive occupational environment.

    There is a critical need in the industry to recognise learner competence regarding essential operations associated with a healthy, safe and productive working environment. This qualification is the next step in a career path in one of the areas of specialisation in Occupational Safety and Hygiene. It is generic enough to allow maximum mobility within the field of application. Skills, knowledge, values and attitudes (competencies) reflected in the qualification are building blocks towards a level 4 qualification. 

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